Book a recruiter for a fixed fee

We provide highly specialised recruiters to work exclusively for you for a fixed fee with guaranteed outcomes. Your recruiter will be dedicated to you during their contract.
Our talent acquisition consultants are available as and when needed, whether you require a long term solution or enhancing your capacity during periods of extreme demand or on challenging campaigns.
Our consultants are at the top of their field, hand picked and trained internally with a blend of conventional executive search methodology married with cutting edge tools and techniques. They approach each talent acquisition project with tenacity and proactively source passive candidates. They can appear to the outside world as fully-fledged employees with the benefit of full access to our SOAP database of candidate maps.
We’re here to ensure that you get the support you need, when you need it most, helping you source better candidates, faster and for a fraction of the cost.

Our virtual services which include:

Interview scheduling / Vendor contract negotiation / Contract management / Offers and legal / HR / Recruitment strategy planning / Training
CRM clean-up and admin / Job description writing / LinkedIn management / Social media consulting

When do I need TAAS?

  • When time is of the essence in your recruitment.
  • When you’re suffering from workload overload.
  • If you experience peaks and troughs in recruitment demand.
  • If you wish to reduce your agency dependency.
  • Looking to significantly reduce agency spend.
  • If you need experienced TAs to support your team.
  • When hiring managers are putting pressure on your TA team.
  • When you don’t have time to invest in training and recruiting a new TA.
  • If you’re looking to improve the talent acquisition reputation of your business.


How to tap into our flow of candidates?

We provide a subscription-based candidate sourcing service.

“Hot Source” is a revolutionary way to access all the talent your business needs for a fraction of the traditional cost. A flexible talent acquisition service that you can turn on and off, dial up or down, as and when you need to, leaving you in complete control.

Our multi-candidate sourcing service takes a detailed talent spec from you and goes out into the market to find all the passive candidates we can source, then you can choose how many you wish to employ, paying not per placement, but as a simple the monthly subscription fee for this service.

Available for between 4 and 25 search campaigns a month. Some clients have seen a 75%, or more, saving on their recruitment spend using this innovative approach to a traditional problem, that of paying an agency multiple times for a single campaign when selecting a number of candidates from those presented. In fact, with SOAPs Hot Source service you may never need to pay an agency’s finders fee again.

The Hot Source service offers all the quality assurances of traditional headhunting with incredible cost savings on multiple talent acquisitions and it’s the ultimate in flexible recruitment solutions for your business.

Hot Source is only available for specific requirements. These include:

All Sales / Presales / Professional Services / Marketing / Product Marketing / Incident Response / SOC Candidates / Information Security / Cyber Consultants

When do I need Hot Source?

  • If you pay any agency fees for placements.
    Should you wish to hire multiple candidates in a region.
  • When you need more candidates per job to choose from.
  • If you seek to improve your CV to interview to hire statistics.
  • If you want to reduce your agency dependency.
  • When you’re looking to reduce agency spend.
  • If you are working multiple roles across a number of locations.
  • When you want to get to market quicker.
  • To gain access to a greater number of passive candidates.