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Run your entire recruitment department from just €1,500 per month!


Remote Recruiter

You will have full access to a dedicated remote recruiter who will take your job brief and craft a compelling job advert, then advertise that job ad across job boards, social media and pay-per-click ad networks to target the best talent on the market. 

Your dedicated recruiter will then screen all the applications ensuring to phone/video interview candidates and shortlist the best matches for your company.

Your remote recruiter will then book in interviews for you with only the best so you don’t waste time with irrelevant candidates. 

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Hiring Software

You will have full insight into the entire recruitment process when you login into your very own dashboard. 

You will see jobs that have been posted, where they were advertised and you will have full visibility into all the applications that have been screened and shortlisted by your dedicated remote recruiter. 

We can even create talent pipelines for you by adding candidates to saved lists for later opportunities in your company. 

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Employer Branding

When you succeed we succeed! That’s why with every project we provide full Employer Branding services acting on behalf of your company to position your employer brand in the best light possible.  

You will get a dedicated company page along with a website job board that can be added to your own website for full consistency across the market. 

We will tell the talent that matters most why your company is a great choice for them! 

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How we help you save!

On average a typical company can spend upwards of €42,400 per year on recruitment.

  • Job board ads – €3,600
  • Internal Recruiter – €28,000
  • Recruitment Agency fees – €10,800

We help companies achieve the same outcome with a spend of €18,000 on average. That’s a saving of €24,400!

"Talent Solutions has taken over our entire recruitment function and has made it not only more effective but also much much cheaper"
Lorraine Kelly
Managing Director

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